An open letter to conservatives — big government is back

Justin Trudeau has made a big deal about Canada being “back.”

Canada never left — in fact, under the last Conservative government, Canadians were more prosperous than ever.

We had the strongest economy in the G7. Nearly 1.5 million jobs created since the global recession. Ranked the best country in the world to do business. The strongest middle class in the world, according to the New York Times. One of the first countries to return to balanced budgets after the global recession.

When Justin Trudeau says Canada is back, he means government is back — specifically, big government.

The fundamental problem with Justin Trudeau is he owes everything to everybody. Nobody supported his leadership bid because he was the best man for the job. He was not a smarter candidate than former astronaut Marc Garneau, or putting forward better policy than Martha Hall Findlay. He was a famous last name. And he was carried to victory by lobbyists and special interest groups who saw him as a chance to tap back into government money.

In one hundred short days, we’ve gone from a balanced budget to anticipated deficits of up to $90 billion. Transparency measures have been lifted to allow special interests, union bosses, and band leaders to avoid public scrutiny. And we’ve been told the only way to grow the economy is through massive new government spending.

The government has already bowed to special interests over pipeline approvals, and the expansion of the Billy Bishop Airport. Rather than creating the conditions for businesses to succeed, the Liberals are preparing to hand out billions in corporate welfare to well-connected business owners. In the case of Bombardier, the Liberals are ready to bail them out because it’s politically convenient.

And now that “Canada is back,” we can look forward to four years of the entitled government class getting richer and richer while ordinary Canadians suffer.

I’m a proud member of the Conservative Party of Canada and the Ontario PC Party. I have been in the business of electing Conservatives for my entire adult life. But I’m a small-c conservative first.

I look at what’s happening to our country, and I look at what’s already happened in Ontario, and I see that we can’t wait four more years for the next election. We need to organize ourselves, today, and every day, to make sure conservative ideas are being heard.

I’ve started this blog to be one conservative voice — but we need many conservative voices to take back our country. If you are a conservative who doesn’t like what your government is doing, you need to take action.

Join your provincial conservative party. Join our federal party. Help select a new Conservative leader who will be a strong voice for conservative ideas. Volunteer with your local riding association. Donate to your party. Knock on doors. Call a friend. Call 10 friends. Show up on Parliament Hill with a sign. Write a letter. Call a relative. Start a blog. Subscribe to my newsletter below, and forward every e-mail you get to your contact list.

Do anything but sit back and watch. Big government is back — and your country needs you.

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